Bear attacking monkey video from Chinese wild animal park begs big questions

WARNING: the video above may be disturbing to some viewers.

This week’s video of the horrific attack of a small monkey by a much larger bear at a wild animal park in China brings many questions to the viewer’s mind. Why did the bear decide to attack? Didn’t the keepers have a better plan for such a situation? Is the monkey ok?

I am heartened to hear from Grace Gabriel, IFAW’s Asia regional director, that while the incident is tragic, the fact that so many Chinese people are speaking out about it is a very good sign.

More and more people in China are speaking up for animal protection. At the International Fund for Animal Welfare, we have Chinese staff on the ground working to help grow the already broad levels of support for animal welfare reform in that country.

One of the core goals of our work in China is to secure improved animal welfare legislation to protect animals from incidents of cruelty in any venue.

While this incident is now part of Internet history, the video will serve to help us continue our work to educate new Chinese and international supporters about our efforts to bring about change to make a better world for animals and people.


For more information about our work in China, visit our campaign page.

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