Whales face more challenges as our oceans become increasingly crowded and noisy. In addition to commercial whaling, pollution, entanglement in fishing gear, collisions with high-speed vessels, ocean noise and climate change all threaten whales’ survival.

IFAW’s whales programme is actively engaged with helping to find solutions to a number of these challenges.

Our work includes:

  • Collaborating with government, academia, scientists and many others to develop an iPad/iPhone application that can be used to detect the presence of North Atlantic right whales and to avoid the ship strikes that often kill them.
  • Conducting research into the deadly effects of ocean noise on marine mammals and advising decision-makers how to turn down the volume;
  • Working with the fishing industry to develop whale-friendly fishing gear and expert disentanglement teams who risk their lives to save whales;
  • Working with governments and industry to change shipping lanes and reduce ship speeds in critical whale habitat.

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