Partnering with US ivory crush in Denver, urging more countries to destroy their illegal stockpiles

Yesterday, I was proud to represent the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) in the events surrounding the US Government's historic destruction of 6 tons of seized ivory in Denver, Colorado.

IFAW and WWF were the official government partners at the crush which sent a strong message that the US takes seriously its stance against the illegal ivory trade. The US is making sure it has national policies in place to protect elephants from poaching—now it is time for other countries to do the same.

The global nature of the elephant crisis is highlighted by the colleagues that accompanied me at the event: our North American regional director, Jeffrey Flocken our Asia regional director, Grace Ge Gabriel as well actress/activists and IFAW ambassadors Joely Fisher and Kristin Bauer and actress/activist and Patron of the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Kristin Davis. Dr. Jane Goodall and Sir Iain Douglas-Hamilton spoke on video in support of the ivory crush as well.


To learn more about the significance of the US ivory crush, read through this collection of news coverage and featured blogs by Jane Goodall and IFAW’s own Grace Ge Gabriel.

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