IFAW Japan Representative

Naoko Funahashi

IFAW Japan Representative

Ms. Funahashi graduate St. Paul University, Tokyo, Japan. Funahashi joined IFAW in 1994, prior she worked for WWF Japan for 5 years as public relation officer, worked for Greenpeace Japan as an Ocean Ecology campaigner specializing on whales and Antarctica for 6 years, as well as served as leader of Greenpeace's Antarctic Anti-Whaling Expeditions.  She has also worked as freelance journalist in between.

Funahashi has given lectures on whales, NGOs and wildlife conservation at several universities and other schools as part-time instructor, and was appointed Director of Whale Conservation Coalition of Japan established 2001 with IFAW and five other Japanese NGOs.

She has attended the International Whaling Commission for 23 years and an Invited Participant to it’s Scientific Committee since 2002. Author and co-author of IFAW Reports and many scientific papers, like whale meat market surveys in Japan and South Korea, and surveys on whale and dolphin meat contamination (mercury and other heavy metal, persistent organic pollutants like PCBs, DDTs and chlordanes).

Also, she works on responsible development of whale (and dolphin) watching in Japan. She organized IFAW’s international whale watching conferences in Japan, as well as helping several whale watching areas and operators.

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